Are you hiding from your greatness?

Do you drive yourself so hard and fast, you have forgotten your heartfelt commitment to love yourself?

Do you feel as though you need permission to slow down and relax?

Do the needs and demands of everyone else eclipse your own, leaving you exhausted and resentful?

Are you so entrenched in the physical world of survival and fear,
you have forgotten your connection to Source?

Or maybe you are you confused by your own spiritual and energetic gifts?

Do you have a longing to fall back in love with yourself and to step into your greatness?

If you answered a resounding


to any of these questions

read on...

Miranda's teachings and guidance will give you the answers you have been searching for.

Know, Miranda's work is about reigniting and awakening a fire within you.

A fire of unbending commitment to honor and cherish all aspects of your being.

Permission to know that you are already more than enough.

To know you are not broken and it is safe to become more present in your life.

No matter which realm of Miranda's work you choose
her gift is to give you the precious tools needed to fall back in love with yourself

To ground your divinity here on earth.

And to allow your mind to become of service to your heart.

Listen to your heart

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Say yes to committing to yourself.


"For us all to live a spirit filled life.

To raise consciousness through self care, education and wisdom,
allowing people to reclaim their health and vitality,
therefore having the ability to be of service to themselves and others.”


Miranda Jane Barrett gives council and guidance for the mind, body and spirit.
She is the creator and leader of
“A Woman’s Truth” workshops, the author of “The Food of Life” series,
Nutritional Consultant, a
Reiki Master, workshop leader and Licensor of Reiki Attunements and a certified yoga
and meditation teacher through
Yoga Alliance and under the guidance of Rod Stryker and Para Yoga.

Miranda’s intuitive passion for life has been a journey of discovery from ancient wisdoms
and teachings of Masters worldwide, to insights gained through her own life experiences.

Miranda has a gift for shedding light, while guiding you through the shadows, denials and fears that hinder your ability
to live the life that you deserve. This begins with your core issues; whether they are physical, mental, emotional or energetic.

This gifted soul works by balancing your mind, body and spirit through
Counseling, Nutrition, Reiki, Yoga or Meditation. Having mastered many forms of the healing arts,
Miranda has the ability to guide you into living your “Truth” by accessing your power.

Miranda is the Founder of
“A Woman’s Truth” workshops. A year long retreat and journey of discovery,
self-care, honesty and love. She has dedicated her life to the empowerment of women, and bringing a
balance between the partnership of masculine and feminine energies, transforming consciousness as a whole.

She is also a
PAX “Mastery and Leadership” graduate. Miranda’s workshops and teachings
from “A Woman’s Truth” are
recommended by Alison Armstrong and PAX programs.

Join Miranda in living your Truth: Nutritionally, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually.

If you are interested in receiving information on Miranda’s
Workshops, Retreats, Sessions, Books, Free Recipes,
Products or any additional information on her services, please contact Miranda:

By phone 626~798~6544

please contact Miranda directly.

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"I have known Miranda for almost a year, and she has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.

I have done private Reiki sessions with her, I am in her Woman’s group,
and Miranda has also attuned me to the Master level of Reiki.
I have received so much from all three areas!
Through my talks with Miranda I have healed so many areas of my life,
through the Woman’s group I am feeling empowered and strong,
and through the Reiki I feel closer to my life purpose than ever before.

I am thankful and happy for it all."

Birla ~ Mother ~ Clothing Designer ~ Altadena, CA